Ceilyn and Teleri

Lovers in The Green Lion trilogy

Teleri ni Pendaren

(her virtually orphaned state)

Pendaren was a tall, cold man, with a habit of looking through people as though they were not there. Since he was equally indifferent to everyone, his daughter did not much trouble herself over his lack of affection for her. Nor did she, to tell the truth, particularly notice the lack of a mother's tender care, since she knew practically nothing about mothers from direct observation; the wives of Cadwr's sons lived in Golchi most of the year, and the boys, to all appearances, lived as motherless as she. To be sure, the boys had not been abandoned entirely; they all journeyed regularly to the mainland for extended visits in the homes of their maternal relations, but any scenes of mother love or filial devotion were played out where Teleri never saw them.

No, it was in quite a different way that Teleri missed her mother. Pendaren never spoke of his late wife, and Cadwr always said, "that child Afon," so that Teleri, who had no playmates but those of her own creation, who would have dearly loved another little girl to share her games, imagined a child much like herself.


Teleri's Numerological Chart

Teleri's destiny numbers indicate an eventful life, luck (sometimes bad), magic, knowledge, study, and education.

Her birthforce numbers point to philosophy, imagination, intuition, healing, and literature.

Her personality numbers show that she leads an orderly life.

Her heart number indicates imagination, visualization, flights of fancy, and a certain immaturity.

She has the ability to remake reality to her own specifications.




Ceilyn mac Cuel, drawn by TeresaCeilyn mac Cuel

(birth of)

"You see," said Ceilyn. "My father never quite forgave me because I had been conceived and was born in sin."

"But Ceilyn," said Teleri. "How can that be? You're not . . ."

"No," said Ceilyn. "My parents were married at the time. There's no question of my legitimacy. But it was like this:

"My parents met at Court when they were both quite young. They're second cousins, but she was so beautiful, so sweet and good, that he fell in love with her anyway. Well, you have to understand what things were like for her at home. You know how it is in Gwyngelli: people are notoriously lax when it comes to morality and religion, especially by northern standards, to say nothing of the pagan influences which are said to be rampant . . . well, to hear my father tell it, you'd think Meredydd's house was no better than a brothel, but I expect my father exaggerates it in his own mind. Seeing Merewyn so good and virtuous, thinking her surrounded by evil influences, loving her as he did, my father took it into his head to rescue her, to marry her and take her away from it all. They married, but took a mutual vow of chastity."

"They were very young," Teleri said.

"After a time," Ceilyn said, "it became harder and harder for them to keep their vow. Finally, it became impossible, and they slept together. They did penance and were absolved, and fell from grace again—I was born eight months later. I was early and my mother had a hard time of it, and she nearly died. Naturally, that frightened them both; they were sure that it was God's way of warning them that worse things were on the way if they yielded to temptations again. For several years, they lived just about completely apart. Until I was seven years old, I seldom saw my father, but I believe that both my parents were very unhappy in those days."
"But what of your little brothers?" asked Teleri.

Ceilyn brightened. "My father went hunting one day and saw the vision of the white hart. Somehow he was convinced that it was a sign, a sign that God had forgiven him for his sin, and that it was all right for him and my mother to become truly man and wife. Celi and Cors were born quite decently and their births were easy ones, and so there was no doubt in my father's mind that God's blessing was finally on his marriage. But I was always there to remind him of things he didn't like to remember."


Ceilyn's Numerology Chart

Ceilyn's numerology chartCeilyn's destiny numbers indicate idealism, perfectionism, and religion.

His birthforce numbers show he is sensitive and impressionable.

His heart number indicates that he is fanciful, emotional, and learns quickly.

His personality number reveals thta he is idealistic, in service to others, and has strong opinions on truth and religion.

He is courageous, hardworking, and active, and sensitive to his surroundings.