Goblin Moon cover

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The Rune of Unmaking

Cover of The Hidden Stars    Cover of A Dark Sacrifice


The Queen's Necklace

Cover of The Queen's Necklace


The Green Lion Trilogy

Cover of Child of Saturn    Cover of The Moon in Hiding    Cover of The Work of the Sun


The Celydonn Trilogy

Cover of The Castle of the Silver Wheel    Cover of The Grail and the Ring    Cover of The Moon and the Thorn


The Goblin Moon Duology

Cover of Goblin Moon    Cover of The Gnome's Engine


Short Stories


cover of Tarot Fantastic    Cover of Highwaymen: Robbers and Rogues    Cover of Assassin Fantastic    Cover of Murder by Magic



Cover of Weird Tales from Shakespeare    Cover of Enchanted Forests    Cover of The Shimmering Door


Foreign Editions


Cover of Das Kind des Saturn    Cover of Der verborgene Mond    Cover of Das Werk der Sonne

Cover of Unter dem Trollmond    Cover of Die Gnomen-Maschine

Cover of Die grunen Lowen


eBook Editions

Mask and Dagger Duology

cover of the eBook reprint edition of Goblin Moon

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