The Work of the Sun

Cover of The Work of the Sun Cover art by Dean Morrissey
New York: Ace Books, 1990

The wizard, the wolf, and the war . . .

Once a lonely apprentice, Teleri is now the Queen's own sorceress--and betrothed to the realm's finest knight, Ceilyn mac Cuel. But beneath the seeming peace and happiness of the Kingdom of Celydonn, malevolent hearts scheme against Teleri and her allies.

The treacherous Princess Diaspad, twice thwarted in her designs on the throne, has at last found the weapon she craves: the sacred stone of Caer Cadwy. With the secrets contained in an ancient grimoire, Diaspad can transform the stone, source of Celydonn's tranquility, into a terrible force for destruction.

The battle lines are drawn. Now comes the hour that Teleri has trained her entire life to meet. If she fails, so does the Work of the Sun.