The Queen's Necklace

cover of The Queen's Necklace Cover art by Matthew Stawicki
New York: EOS/HarperCollins, 2001

The age of nightmare and cruel enslavement is so far in the past that few believe it was anything more than a myth. But hidden in the shadows, the vengeful remnants of the Goblin master race recall their former glory all-too vividly. And their dread re-ascendance is at hand.

The ensorcelled jewels that once held all Humanity in sway now power the technology of a hundred small kingdoms. But the monarchy of Mountfalcon is in dire peril. For the Queen has unwittingly lost the realm-sustaining, gem-studded Chaos Machine. Captain of the Queen's Guard, Wilrowan Blackheart has been entrusted with the Machine's recovery--an undertaking that is slowly revealing a horrific conspiracy that spreads far beyond Mountfalcon's borders, as the deposed and presumed destroyed Maglore plot to reduce the Human world to rubble and flames. But there are devastating personal perils as well entailed in Blackheart's monumental quest. Unbeknownst to him, another has also embarked on the same mission: a determined crusader of strength and substance ... the only woman that Wilrowan has ever loved, but cannot possess.


"As a long-time fan of Teresa Edgerton's work, I'm delighted that she is stepping onto a larger stage with her latest (and long-awaited!) novel. Epic in scope and imagination, covering centuries and miles with equal deftness ... long live The Queen's Necklace!" —Rosemary Edghill

"An exciting story set in a vividly imagined world and elegantly told." —Poul and Karen Anderson

"Beautifully crafted and utterly engrossing ... the most original and intriguing work of fantasy I've read in a long, long time." —Katharine Kerr

"Edgerton surpasses herself. [Her] wit, attention to detail, and lush prose are a delight, nor does she stint on feats of derring-do, mystery, magic, intrigue, and romance. I can't recommend The Queen's Necklace highly enough!" —Kate Elliott