The Moon and the Thorn

Cover art by Dorian Vallejo
New York: Ace Books, 1995

To be born to the Wild Magic could be a hard and frightening thing. But how much harder, and more frightening, to lose it . . .

To protect her adopted son, Grifflet, Gwenlliant of Mochdreff sets out on a perilous journey. She must seek out her old enemy, the cold-blooded Maelinn, who seeks revenge against Grifflet's father, Prince Tryffin . . . and will stop at nothing to get it.

Gifted with the Wild Magic that lets her change shapes and harness the elements, Gwenlliant heads bravely through the Breathing Mist and into the magical Shadow Lands. But her shapechanging powers seem to be mysteriously failing her, her body betraying her as never before. Could the quest to protect Grifflet cost her her own life . . . and more?