The Hidden Stars

Cover of The Hidden Stars Written under the pseudonym Madeline Howard
Cover art by Renato Stanisic
New York: EOS/HarperCollins, 2004

Extraordinary new talent Madeline Howard begins an epic trilogy of magic and power, hidden birthrights and prophecies, with The Hidden Stars, the first book of The Rune of Unmaking.

In a world devastated by the cataclysmic war between wizards and mages, the Empress Ouriána seized the throne, proclaiming herself the Divine Incarnation of the Devouring Moon. Appointing twelve priests to perform her rites, she rules with a tight rein of dark sorcery. The priests, once men, became twisted with magic, making them monstrous—mutated. Wherever they ride they bring destruction, and one kingdom after another falls, enslaved into darkness.

Yet signs and portents appear, puzzling the seers, and a tale begins to grow. A rumor of a young girl, talented and hidden, who is destined to end Ouriána's tyrannous reign . . . if she survives long enough to do so. And a brave band of wizards and heroes ride out in search of the hidden princess, pursued by the fury of the dark goddess herself.


"Very impressive . . . I particularly loved her narrative 'voice,' the warm, magical voice of a storyteller in some ancient village, drawing the reader into a tale full of secrets and marvels." —Katharine Kerr

"A panoramic tale spun by a master storyteller." —Kate Elliott

"Bloody warfare, intricate magic, and deft portraits of characters and culture provide some sparkle and keep things moving. With its strong (and not overly sexualized) female characters, the series should particularly appeal to anyone wanting a feminist alternative to the current crop of genre sagas." —Publishers Weekly


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