Goblin Moon

Cover of Goblin Moon eBook editionCover art by John Edgerton and Carolyn Hill
New edition with minor changes and additions to the former: Sept. 2011

When the Goblin Moon rises, strange things happen.

Coffins float down the river, hobgoblins emerge from their dens, alchemists pore over ancient texts in search of the art of creating life, and the gentlemen blackguards known as the Knights of Mezztopholeez practice rituals far exceeding the worst excesses of the Hellfire Club.

Meanwhile, one man fights a secret battle against cruelty and injustice, with wit, ingenuity, and a lethal lack of compunction.

But how does such a man—with dozens of secret identities and an addiction to sleep-dust into the bargain—go about wooing the most sensible young lady in Thornburg?