The Gnome's Engine

Cover of The Gnome's EngineCover art by Den Beauvais
New York: Ace Books, 1991

In the capital cities of Euterpe, elegant men and women lead decadent lives, but across the Atlantick Ocean in the New World, gnomes, dwarves, and Men are industriously exploring the realms of Science, Philosophie, and Magic . . .

In the New World town of Hobb's Church, there are several mysteries that need examination, such as . . . Is it really the fault of the town's hobgoblins that the buildings all lean in such a peculiar way? What is the nature of the strange ancient ruins just outside town? Who are the two young ladies who have so recently come to teach at the Mothgreen Academy on the edge of the marsh? And just what is the purpose of the Gnome's Engine?